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  1. What a lovely coincidence that tape, originally a recording medium, works beautifully for distortion and saturation. Whatever the reason, tape saturation is a popular effect. If you want subtle, pristine saturation, there are various meticulous models of high-quality studio equipment. That was one topic in our interview earlier this week with Universal Audio’s Dr. David [ ].
  2. Saturation occurs when a signal’s input is no longer matched by its output in a linear manner. All mediums can saturate in one way or another, including tape. With tape saturation, the signal has no more magnetic particles onto which they can record the signal. As a result, the signal will be both distorted and compressed.
  3. A tape saturation plugin is designed to emulate the sound of a piece of audio that is being ran through tape hardware. Both will introduce distortion to your sound. The type and amount of distortion would be determined by the type of plugin and of course the settings of the user.
  4. Sep 16,  · There can be no argument that '70s funk and soul sounds best on vinyl, and Parliament's Mothership Connection is a high-water mark for the genre. Beats co-founder Dr. Dre sampled this record.
  5. Jul 12,  · In order to record from vinyl, you'll need to make sure you have accurately connected your record player as an incoming audio stream into the microphone jack of your computer. Use hardware adapters to secure your cable connection. Many older record .
  6. Jul 19,  · One tape I have is undeniably the best, a true original safety from an artist done in his recording studio. This was back up tape for a recording session and so untouched, it is primitive hard left and hard right 2 channel (no mix down) and never duplicated. I'm guessing based on the music it was recorded on an Ampex
  7. Jul 15,  · Bring the recording level down until you get a nice strong signal, without any clipping. When your levels are set, use the main record, stop and play controls at the bottom of the screen to start recording (much like a traditional tape recorder). Once your recording is complete, you can export each track as individual files.
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  9. Jul 28,  · Having only just started to re-build my vinyl record collection, advice like this is invaluable! While I do try to chiefly hunt down original pressings of my favorite albums, the occasional re-release is unavoidable for the unobtainable. Of course, the CBS Mastersound LP of Dylan's Blood On The Tracks is a great example of this.

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